D.L. Anderson makes visual meals in the American South as an independent D.P., Director and editorial photographer. 

An early career in print photojournalism sharpened his sense of story and led him to documentary film. In 2012 he helped start a production company called VITTLES; a consortium of artists of many stripes creating lyrical films at the intersections of food, place and culture. More than anything, Vittles became a place for passion projects and relations to grow strong. In 2019 Anderson Co-Founded SUPERCOLLIDER; a commercial video production hub "smashing people and ideas together to create new, unexpected connections."

On any given day you can find him looking for the light and real moments at different speeds; seeking stronger relations, squads and sardines. He has two names, works in both motion and still pictures and continues to hone his craft with the intention of dismantling systems of oppression in the faith of a just and abundant table for all.