D.L. Anderson makes visual meals in the American South as an independent D.P., Director and portrait photographer. 

Looking for the light and real moments at different speeds; seeking stronger relations, squads and sardines. An early career in print photojournalism led me to documentary film and starting a production company called VITTLES, a consortium of filmmakers and artists of many stripes making lyrical short films at the intersections of food, place and culture. More than anything, Vittles is a place for passion projects to grow strong.


For more commercial client-based creative problem solving there is SUPERCOLLIDER, a mighty little full-service shop that "smashes things together to make new, heretofore unknown things. Smart ideas and weird people. Weird ideas and smart people." I wear many hats at both places and continue to engage as a still photographer, D.P. and Director for hire.


However I engage, I'm working with the intention of dismantling systems of oppression in the faith of a just and abundant table for all.

Occasionaly I still believe in a blog.

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