2010 INDY Year In Pictures

 (D.L. Anderson)

Looking back over a year’s worth of photos is always a sobering experience. My colleague, Mr. Jeremy M. Lange, and I have the pleasure of enduring this process together in order to create the Year Pictures issue. There’s an old adage I’m occasionally reminded of, “you’re only as good as your last picture (or album or hand-crafted cabinet, etc.).” This is a wonderfully grounding mantra to live by – especially in self-motivated, creative pursuits, like cabinet making. There’s always projects and ideas that you put off for another day or week or a month, then it’s the end of the year you’re wondering just where in the hell the last decade went and why you’re still not fluent in Spanish – damn it.

But alas, there’s space to be filled and I do love the process of laying out photos for a nice big print spread. There’s so much to consider with each image and how they inform one another in ways not easily in online presentations. I think our strongest spread for this year was the second set, with images relating to our now constant state of war.

If you’d like to read the captions clearly and see each image fullscreen, please view the slideshow at the always entertaining INDY Photo Archives. Here’s to 2011.

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