Old Gowns

Habib and Heather, Old Gowns, Durham, 2010

Stepping onto the factory floor, I looked across the void to see Heather dancing gracefully with a hula hoop and singing out, easily filling the space in between. This was the scene an hour after we carried all the gear up to the second floor of the last tobacco factory in Durham. There’s still plenty of former tobacco factories in this town, but they’ve all been stripped of their musky odors and filled with clean apartments and tidy offices. Not inside here. You’ve got to walk atop a pile of cigarettes to reach the stairwell inside this place. For the next three days this old factory would became our film set.

Andrew Synowiez and Habib Yazdi are two truly remarkable people. For some time they had been looking for an artist to make a music video with, just as my housemate and dear friend, Heather McEntire, had been looking for a way to draw people into her new music project; Mt. Moriah. The resulting collaboration will resonate for years inside each of us and within the walls of that big empty factory on Main St. – have a look for yourself.

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