2011 Review | Part Two

Justin Robinson & The Mary Annetts

This past year I set out to further my lighting skills with one of my favorite subjects – musicians. A long-time collaborator and wildly imaginative fellow, Justin Robinson, came to me with the idea of re-creating an 18th century French Court for his new album Bones for Tinder. After scouring the area for a room that would suit such a scene, we came upon the Pink Room on Duke’s East Campus. This remarkable room was created for a wide range of refined activities; insightful lectures, small string quartets and tea time salons. A select group of women or men (in the adjoining Blue Room) would gather among and on a truly impressive collection antique furniture. The Duke representative showing me the room said, “If it looks old and expensive, it’s because it is.” We kept the lighting simple, mimicking the soft and richly textured style of paintings from that time period. The costumes and outlandish hair really does the rest here.

Phil Moore and Beth Tacular wanted to have a more active and kinetic feel for photos promoting their upcoming album The Clearing, an excellent, excellent album due out in March, 2012. “Um, well, we have a trampoline,” said Phil over the phone. They also have a sweet house they built themselves, but yeah, anytime is the best time for a trampoline jump session.


The Mountain Goats

Hammer No More The Fingers

Notice the pregnant Mrs. Cook adjusting the eye patch of Fletch, the always-available chihuahua. That’s how the magic happens folks. Okay, sometimes it’s all too easy to blow it out and over the top with a  band photo.

A few of my favorites from the year were done with little else but a nice place to be and some time to spend with righteous folks.


Andrew Weathers

Mandolin Orange

Bon Iver

Smoke bombs are always fun. As is practice for me, I spent the end of the year updating my online portfolio and re-tooling the site(s). View the new edit of musicians and artists in the Creatives gallery.

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