2011 INDY Arts Awards

Sacrificial Poets, Chapel Hill, N.C., July 2011

Once a year the Independent Weekly honors a handful of local individuals and groups who are due recognition for their endeavors in either promoting or contributing to the arts community. Part of this recognition includes a photograph to accompany the write-up. Since 2006 I’ve had the privilege of organizing these portraits and keeping things fresh year to year. As such, I recently acquired a nifty little strobe set-up that put to use for this year’s honorees.

I was especially taken with the energy of watching the Sacrificial Poets perform along with a host of other poets at a open mic in Chapel Hill. Our summer multimedia intern, Brooke Darrah Shuman, recorded some of those performances and we paired them with another slideshow of photos at the Indy website — check ’em out

Stefen Miko spits new shit, Flyleaf Books, Chapel Hill, N.C., July 2011

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